Two areas of activity:

Consulting in Statistics and Mathematics, and
Consulting in Soft Skills
(since 2003)

Welcome to the new Web site

After 21 years of services in the areas of Statistical/Mathematical and Soft Skills (Mediation and Conflict Management, Communication, Leadership, etc.) Germinal has decided to close definitively on the 30 of June 2024. Our areas of expertise were:

Germinal Activities:

  • Applied Biostatistics (especially clinical trials)
  • Modelling and Simulation
  • Experimental Design
  • Health Authority Issues
  • General Problem Solving
  • Scientific Project Management


In the future, David Tudor will offer free counsel to younger colleagues starting in these domains.

The relationship with Artisan of Peace :

Germinal Knowledge created the Artisan of Peace program ( to continue our offerings in the soft skills mentionned above.

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